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Tax assist. In every country around the world there are taxes. In South Africa everyone pays tax in a way and the other.

South Africa has different kinds of taxes that can be paid at different times or stages. Citizens do not pay all of these taxes all of the time.

Below is the list of taxes known in South Africa. Some of these taxes on this list are no longer, because they have been repealed.

The taxes marked with an asterix (*) are the ones that have been removed by the South African government.

You can get all the details regarding the taxes listed below by clicking on each. And you will be redirected to the South African government website.

- Air passenger tax

- Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

- Corporate Income Tax

- Mineral and Petroleum royalties

- Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

- Provisional Tax

- Securities Transfer Tax*

- Skills Development Levy (SDL)

- Stamp duty

- Transfer duty

- Uncertificated Securities Tax*

- Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)

- Value Added Tax (VAT)

- Withholding Tax on Interest

- Customs Duties

- Diamond Export Levy

- Dividends Tax

- Donations Tax

- Estate duty

- Excise duty

- Income Ta

Why pay the taxes?

It is an important question to not ignore. It is a reminder as you go on your journey to sort out all your taxes with our experts online.

The tax creates a huge revenu for the South African government which is the company controlling the state.

Without this revenue from tax, the South African government will be weak and vulnerable and won’t be able to control the state nor to look after the security of the country.

As a citizen of the country, your contributions called ‘tax’ are very important for the security of the country.

On the other hand, paying your tax to the government is a good act and a good karma to whoever does that. It’s also patriotic.

The South African government needs your tax, and this contribution cannot be paid as a work compensation or a good in exchange, no.

Your tax contribution to the state is paid in money, in the country’s currency which is the South African Rand.

What happens to your tax contribution as a citizen?

The tax you are paying to the government of south africa or any other country you may come from in the world is helpful as it is used for:

- Funding social and economic programmes

- Providing public goods and services, such as schools, universities, hospitals, clinics.

- For funding the infrastructure and most importantly the defense and security of the country

At JibbyJohns we understand all the frustration that comes with your taxes obligations. That’s why we have created this platform.

You will find a tax expert that can assist you regarding your taxes toward the authority of the country.

You can join and find a tax practitioner to help you understand your taxes and fill any return you have got.

Our tax consultants members are professionals who specialize in tax law and financial-related counseling.

They will advise you regarding your income tax returns and a range of financial matters, including trust, estate and retirement taxes and any question you may have.



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