Takealot Will Pass 2.2 Millions Search Volume From 2023

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Takealot Will Pass 2.2 millions Search Volume From 2023. South African online presence is growing and the ecommerce biggest retailer Take a lot is growing too.

Before we speak about the online growth of South Africa, let’s have a look at the population statistics.

As from the year January 2022 data reveals that South Africa’s total population was 60.40 million.

This revelation shows an increase of the population by 724 thousand (+1.2 percent) between 2021 and 2022.

Within the statistic, 50.8 percent of the population is female, while 49.2 percent of the population is male.

And at the start of 2022, 68.3 percent of South Africa’s population lived in urban areas, while 31.7 percent lived in rural areas.

This can explain the fast usage of the internet and therefore the growing number of people doing all their things online.

The records also show that as of the same year 2020, there were a total of 41.19 million internet users in South Africa.

So, the country’s internet access rate stood at 68.2 percent of the total population in January of 2022.

In numbers, Kepios analysis has indicated that internet users in South Africa have increased by 494 thousand +1.2 percent between 2021 and 2022.

Besides, more efforts have to be done in order to double or triple the existing number of internet users in SouthAfrica.

On the other hand, the user figures reveal that 19.21 million people in the country didn’t use the internet at the start of 2022.

To say, another 31.8 percent of the population remained offline at the beginning of the year.

Let’s put in mind that COVID-19 has also brought some issues but also some positivity regarding online business increase.

So let assume at this moment that internet user figures may be even higher than these published numbers suggested.

About Takealot

Takealot company existed some years but under another name. Later in 2010 the former MWEB Chief Executive Kim Reid together with the American based investment firm known as Tiger Global Management acquired the company.

After this new acquisition and the new management, The company name which was known as Take2 changed and was baptized as Takealot.

It was later on in June 2011 that the newly renamed company Takealot launched officially to the public.

In the year 2014, takealot.com launched with success its own on-demand food delivery service and this was done while they acquired a department called Mr Delivery today rebranded as Mr D Food.

Takealot is also the owner of the ecommerce retailer known as Superbalist.com, mostly dealing with fashion.

Very fast, within a few years only, takealot.com was able to contract over 4,500 delivery drivers in South Africa and carries out over 1.6 million monthly deliveries.

Takealot Will Pass 2.2 Millions Search Volume From 2023

South Africans are becoming in love with online purchases everyday. Almost every brick and mortar shop has created an online ecommerce which represents their physical business in the online community.

With the fast growing of online presence in the country, takealot.com as for the year to come in 2023 is expected to pass the 2.2 millions search volume on the internet.

Which simply means, more internet users and more search volume to increase for take a lot and even more sales.

Take a lot has grown his presence all over the country with more distribution channels and has created jobs for many South Africans.

The existing distribution centers for takealot are currently based in Western Cape and in Gauteng.

Besides, Take alot also has distribution points. In April 2019 , the company opened its first series of collection points, called Takealot Pickup Points.

And in March 2020 Take a lot was able to open more than 50 Pickup Points, all available within the 9 South African provinces.

The giant of ecommerce on the African continent continues to raise additional capital to continue its growth and serve the South African from all corners of the territory.

It was on the First April 2017 that Takealot announced a R960 million investment from Naspers. Which is a South African multinational internet, technology and multimedia holding company headquartered in Cape Town.

The online South African business takealot is a real revolution. The 2.2 millions of search volume for takealot.com will surpass by the year 2023.

This refers to the number of search queries for a specific online product which most of them is well found on the takealot.com website via the search engines such as Google.

This is the online marketing search volume, which is a measure of the amount of traffic takealot.com can expect for a particular product’s ranking position in the search results.

Take a lot problems

By checking for factors that affect the takealort.com to not surpass the existing search volume and to down, we have found with downdetector that the e-commerce giant is clean.

On the downdetector website, user reports indicate no problems at takealot. The chart shows a view of problem reports submitted in the past 24 hours compared to the typical volume of reports by time of day.

Takealot customer experience on the online world is trustworthy and has a long life. Beside technique problems, users can always encounter some usability challenges which the customer service helps with everyday.

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