How To Become Entrepreneur 3 Qualities Of Successful Entrepreneurship

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How To Become Entrepreneur 3 Qualities Of Successful Entrepreneurship

How To Become Entrepreneur 3 Qualities Of Successful Entrepreneurship. From the South African Patrice Motsepe, the Nigerian Dangote, the American Bill Gates and without forgetting the South African-Canadian Elon Musk, surely all these names mentioned remind you something.

That “something” in your mind must be called successful entrepreneurship. The people on this list of successful entrepreneurs are not different from anybody else on earth but they are one of the most successful entrepreneurs around the world.

There are things that these entrepreneurs have in common. We can also learn from them and we can even become a better version of ourselves. Let’s have a look over The 3 Most important Qualities Of Successful Entrepreneurs

1. Not afraid to taking a risk

We all know what our parents taught us regarding money. “Don’t play with money, you must save very hard”.

That is not a bad thing to do, not at all. But our parents never taught us the ability to take risks. This ability of risking is among what makes the entrepreneur’s ventures a success.

The ability of taking risks is among the most important characteristics of successful entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Dangote, Motsepe and the list continues.

By taking risks, I do not mean doing something stupid. Successful entrepreneurs have been well mannered since childhood, they have good ethics and respect other people’s space and freedom.

For example, starting any new business is taking a risk. Because there might be a chance to lose your little saved money as thought by your parents, remember?

Because, starting any new business will involve a considerable amount of risk of failure therefore loose. The failure rate of any new businesses in South Africa for example is high.

And it’s only the toughest entrepreneurs who hang on. Successful entrepreneurs also have the ability to quiet. Yes, they don’t feel ashamed and try to force things that don’t work at all.

They will take the grand door or exit route and will try a new adventure with heads up instead of continuing to keep their investments sinking.

The most amazing fact about these successful entrepreneurs is that, it’s not all the time that they win and win no matter what. Most of them were not successful the first or second time around.

But they had the ability to cut their losses and the courage to admit and retry something else the new way. That is called the ability to take risks.

3. Ability To Make You Buy Anything

The entrepreneurs have developed what I call the gift of discernment. They know how to distinguish the good, the bad from the ugly.

Which means, they have the ability to make you hear, see and convince you to accept anything they can offer you. They are dominant in this and that’s why they can sell.

The ability to make you buy anything from them is simply the ability to sell anything. They feel you and make themselves in your shoes and understand what may go for you.

And once they open their mouth to speak to you, their voices will go straight in your soul and make you feel at the right place and the good time.

The ability to sell is natural gift that you can develop too and is among The 3 Most important Qualities Of Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are very comfortable at selling. This is very different from a service based business as sales make the whole entrepreneur.

You have surely heard of successful entrepreneurs stories when they were kids. They were selling things to their school friends, forcing them to cut their hair for money and so forth.

I know one successful entrepreneur today. He is the owner of a successful hair salon in South Africa. He started by cutting his friend’s hair at school.

Another example of a successful entrepreneur is me, JibbyJohn the author of this article. I remember one day I did not feel like going to school. When my parents asked me why? I told them “ I feel like I must be paid by the school in order to attend”.

Today every business I run does nothing to do with my education, just to say. The ability to sell is among the most successful qualities of an entrepreneur.

Creativity and positivity How To Become Entrepreneur 3 Qualities Of Successful Entrepreneurship

Creativity is the answer and the solution to many unsuccessful situations you might find yourself in. A creative mind is the intelligent mind capable of bringing to life what does not exist.

Successful entrepreneurs have just that. They seem like they are fast thinkers, maybe yes but in truth they are very creative people. They can make you believe what is false to be true and you will accept it as truth.

Why? Just because the ability to create works with imagination. And this ability has a tendency to show as if someone is very intelligent.

A creative entrepreneur will always have ideas and ways to improve any business he steps in. That’s why they are leaders. Because they can make any negative situation turn positive.

So creativity and positivity are like twins. They go all the way together. These two abilities that posses an entrepreneur, will give birth to other abilities such as:

The Need To Constantly learn

Goals Orientation


Motivation & Passion

Strong communication skills


The 3 Most important Qualities Of Successful Entrepreneurs

The 3 most important qualities of a successful entrepreneur are the key to all success. You can try to develop yourself and make these into practice. Not to become like Elon Musk for example, but to become a successful entrepreneur, a version of yourself.

These qualities that possess most entrepreneurs are not a gift from God given to some individuals, but to everyone.

Bill Gates, Dangote, Motsepe Etc have learned, have adapted, they became creative and they listen to the little sound in their heart.

I hope this will be helpful for you and that it will add something on your journey to entrepreneurship. Next post, I will share : The daily practices of entrepreneurs that can make you the next”.

People who still think that successful entrepreneurs became who they are by luck are wrong. It takes the will, the acceptance and these are connected mostly with creativity in order to bring to life what does not exist.

Creativity can identify solutions because it’s an imagination adapted to a certain situation. Other call this approach the “ out-of-the-box approach”

This ability to create can save, can resurrect any business. It can also help and benefit the company’s members or team within any given organization.

To synthesize, I can say creativity is innovation in action. This will bring changes and ways to reinvent any business operation.

Self confidence for example, it’s something that nobody on earth was born with. When you see entrepreneurs with this quality, it’s because they have developed it.

They have worked on themselves to be self-confident. That’s why they look incredibly self-confident after many years of creating it.

Successful entrepreneurs have a vision, they feel and they know exactly where they belong. They have the discernment. They visualize how they want to become.

Therefore, all these abilities will make anybody successful just because you will create a version of yourself, achieving your goals and most importantly trusting your own judgements and abilities. At, we hope these would help you to increase the likelihood of being a successful entrepreneur. Write to us at if you feel like you need a great team to represent your brand in public.



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