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2 min readNov 2, 2022
Hairdresser Near me - Specials

Find a hairdresser near me running specials. Ladies and gentlemen! It might be the time to get a hair for half tge price.

Hair still very expensive but we do not have a choice. If we leave grow too long maintenance will be needed.

And we need to have short, a hair cut will be needed. Either way, our hair needs a good hairdresser.

Most importantly and good hair salon. Today, I am sharing with you best haircut deals so that you can save.

We help you cutting hair at discounted price but professionally

At is not only about selling, it is about finding a solution to a higher priced product.

This includes hair. Not only will you need a cut or treatments, after all it’s all about beauty.

Yes, a haircut will make look rejuvenated, beautiful and attractive

All thanks to the hairdresser.

So if you are looking for affordable hair near, I have some good news for you and I am inviting you to share.

On our platform we have got a section dedicated only for specials. By special I mean, discounted price.

In South Africa, we are used to calling discounted products “specials” , actually it’s a promotion.

But in my situation let call it “specials”. Ladies and gentlemen, it is very easy to find haircut specials at JibbyJohns website.

How it works

All you have to do is, go to the website Then click on “shop”.

From there you will find products catehories. If it’s hairdresser deals you are looking for, ckick that link.

If perhaps it’s a nail technician near you are looking for click the link too. You will also see affordable hair salons or nail salons.

Our hairdressers are the best I can guarantee you that. They are offering all the hair treatments package at almost half the price.

That’s a real deal im the real sense of word. I can’t hide the prices, I may remember some.

For example, CUTTING & BLOW WAVES:

Ladies cut (s) R125! You can’t really miss

this. Gents (s) R110.

Clipper cut R60. In short, whether you want a cut and finger dry, short or medium B wave, long or extra B wave, wash and dry and the list continues, you will find all the deals.

Are you ready to book a special haircut from our hairdressers today? Do not hesitate, you are the winner.



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